A University of Iowa Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology video features Mark Andersland, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, on "The Extraordinary Teaching Project: Individualized Learning in a Large Class."

Andersland's approach uses immediate feedback and individualized instruction to improve student learning and motivation. He designed his large lecture engineering course to include active learning, student-centered instruction, frequent formative assessments, and immediate feedback, which yields increased student engagement and learning. 

To watch the video, go to https://teach.its.uiowa.edu/extraordinary-teaching-project-individualized-learning-large-class.

The teaching initiative also is featured as the cover story in the current issue of Iowa Engineer magazine--along with a video interview by Andersland.  To read the story and watch the video, go to http://www.pageturnpro.com/University-of-Iowa-College-of-Engineering/73203-Iowa-Engineer-Magazine,-2016-No-2/index.html#1.