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The University of Iowa Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering offers both thesis and non-thesis Masters of Science programs, a Doctor of Philosophy program, and a 5-year U2G program. 

Graduate students in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering gain an understanding of the principles of engineering science, with a focus on a chosen research area:

The department emphasizes research, personalized student-centered curricula and mentoring, and commits to full support for five years of all admitted Ph.D. students that meet basic program milestones. We utilize a research-based comprehensive exam to streamline our Ph.D. experience.  

We help students build their mentoring network from day one! In addition to their research advisor, graduate students in the department receive peer and faculty mentors as well as the opportunity for alumni mentorship. Students are assigned a peer mentor and a faculty mentor (non-research advisor) during the summer before entering the program.  The department also offers a voluntary alumni mentoring program in which students are paired up with an alumni mentor. 

Student Information

Prospective Students

Current Students

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate a mastery of advanced chemical engineering concepts. (All students - Ph.D., M.S. thesis, M.S. non-thesis, and BS/MS)

2. Effectively communicate scientific concepts and/or research results in both written and oral formats to scientific and general audiences. (All students - Ph.D., M.S. thesis, M.S. non-thesis, and BS/MS)

3. Demonstrate the ability perform independent research on an original topic in chemical engineering. (Ph.D. and M.S. thesis students)

4. Demonstrate the ability to critically identify and solve research problems, summarize disciplinary information, evaluate research findings. (Ph.D. and M.S. thesis students)

5. Demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to safe and ethical behavior through adherence to best safety practices and academic integrity principles. (All students - Ph.D., M.S. thesis, M.S. non-thesis, and BS/MS)

6. Demonstrate the ability to serve as a STEM ambassador through outreach and service activities. (All students - Ph.D., M.S. thesis, M.S. non-thesis, and BS/MS)

Graduate Program Contacts

Syed Mubeen
Director of Graduate Admissions
Associate Professor


The Director of Graduate Admissions (DGA) recruits and serves as the first point of contact for prospective graduate students.

Jennifer Fiegel
Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor


The Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) is an advocate for graduate students and graduate student success.   The DGS advises incoming students, coordinates the research advisor selection process, monitors and tracks student progress, and is a point of contact for graduate program questions.

C. Allan Guymon
Department Executive Officer


The Department Executive Officer is the academic administrator the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department.

Sara Hartman
Academic Program Specialist


The Academic Program Specialist is a contact for prospective, incoming, and current students.  The Academic Program Specialist is a point of contact for anything related to the academic program, website, social media, and administrative odds and ends.


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