U2G Programs

Five year U2G Program: 

In 2007, the University of Iowa instituted a five year U2G “fast track” program allowing University of Iowa Chemical and Biochemical Engineering students to receive both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering through one additional year of study, rather than the two years typically required by a full time stand-alone Master of Science program. This program may be particularly attractive to students who are interested in product research, development, and design.

Students should talk with their advisor and decide whether or not to apply for the U2G program during their junior year.  Students must apply to the graduate college for acceptance into the program before starting their final 2 semesters. 

A University of Iowa M.S. degree typically requires 30 s.h. of study.  However, the U2G program allows for 12 s.h. to be counted toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees, so only 18 s.h. of additional “Master’s Only” credit / classes are required.   Several of these courses will be drawn from the departmental graduate core curriculum CBE:5152 Transport Phenomenon, CBE:5104 Literature Review and Technical Writing, and CBE:5110 Intermediate Thermodynamics, and several will be electives.

To help in your consideration of the U2G plan, the following documents are available:

Summary of the U2G program in the EFA (Elective Focus Area) format

Blank plan of study for you to complete and submit


U2G Joint Degree Program (CBE/CEE):

The Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering (CBE) and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) support a combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree program to serve students planning a BS in CBE and an MS in Environmental Engineering & Science from CEE (BS CBE/MS CEE). Students admitted to this program will be allowed to:

Apply three engineering courses (9 s.h.) towards the requirement from both the BS in CBE and MS in CEE

Take an additional 3 s.h. of graduate coursework before completing their BS

Attend and participate in the departmental graduate seminar

Begin to work on master's thesis or project research with a CEE faculty member starting as early as the summer following the junior year of undergraduate studies.

The intention of the program is to enhance the opportunities for graduate study for our most able students.

To be eligible for the BS CBE/MS CEE program, an undergraduate CBE student must:

Complete at least 80 semester credit hours towards their BS degree from the College of Engineering

Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25

Identify a CEE faculty member as their potential graduate advisor.

Students are encouraged to begin the online application in the spring of the junior year. The complete application for the BS CBE/MS CEE program, including final GRE scores, must be received by the Office of Graduate Admissions before the beginning of the senior year (summer or winter break).  Admission to the MS program is subject to review by the CEE Director of Graduate Studies.

To help in your consideration of the U2G joint degree program, the following document is available:

BS CBE/MS CEE program guidelines