Calabotta Receives Biodiesel Impact Award

Engineering alumna Beth Calabotta (BSE 1989 chemical engineering), former Monsanto director for bioenergy and currently serving on the National Biodiesel Foundation

(NBB), was honored during the 2016 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo with the “Eye on Biodiesel” Impact award for her tireless dedication to the advancement of biodiesel. Calabotta's experience in the field of agricultural yield technology and the markets that drive demand for protein has given her a rare and valuable knowledge base in her work to advance biodiesel. She has contributed to the sustainability efforts at NBB and projects to analyze the real world indirect effects of biodiesel production. Her knowledge and leadership was instrumental in improving the science used to quantify biodiesel’s growth potential and greenhouse gas benefits.

She has also worked aggressively to pursue funding from industry as well as broadening the feedstock organizations that contribute to and benefit from the technical and education programs funded by the National Biodiesel Foundation.

Her remarks at the conference are available at

The National Biodiesel Foundation works closely with the National Biodiesel Board to address national issues affecting cleaner air, greater economic development for rural communities, and enhanced national security through energy independence.  Organized in 1994, its mission is to accomplish outreach, education, research and demonstration activities for the advancement of biodiesel.