CBE Spotlight - Anthony Kluch

By Elizabeth Jackson

Student Spotlight: First Generation student, Anthony Kluch

Soon-to-be graduate, Anthony Kluch, is an example of a well-rounded Hawkeye. A senior in Chemical Engineering, Kluch has experienced everything from working for CAMBUS to serving as president of AIChE. He is also a first-generation student and shares his experiences and advice for students like him.

What led you to the University of Iowa?

The plan was to go to community college after high school, but a friend’s cousin told me about the University of Iowa and said they had a great marching band. Turns out this was a cheaper option for an Engineering degree. I was impressed by the marching band and the beautiful campus.

How did you know you wanted to major in Engineering?

It was stereotypical, I was good at math and chemistry and my aunt is a chemist. I was interested in engineering and then chemical engineering because of that. I knew it paid well and was a versatile degree.

What involvements within your major do you have? Involvements on campus?

I played trumpet in the marching band my freshman and sophomore year as well as jazz band my freshman year. I joined AIChE sophomore year and was elected to the board junior year and now I serve as president. I’m also a dispatcher for CAMBUS. Being a part of CAMBUS management is like being part of a family, it’s one of the few jobs I’ve enjoyed. The pay is good, and I’ve made so many friends so, I’ve invested a lot of time into it.

Any opportunities the department has helped provide for you?

They helped with getting an internship with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Stanley Engineering in Decorah, Iowa. A past student worked with the DNR last summer. Students should do all of this. Talk to professors and go the to career fair. Try to talk recruiters and remember they’re a person on your level, it’s easier to have a fluid conversation that way. They’re going to assume you’re qualified, and they want to talk to someone with good communication skills.

What has your experience as a First-Gen student been like?

Neither of my parents went to college and freshman year was a big change. Trying to figure out what exactly to do was terrifying. I moved in early for marching band so on my first day here I had to get Hillcrest and no idea where to eat. Marching band helped the transition because everyone was so helpful. I lived in Rienow on a People in Engineering (PIE) floor. It was one of the best decisions I made. It had great resources and study groups. Those study groups helped with the transition from high school to college, I learned a lot of skills that still help me years later.

Advice for incoming or other First-Gen students?

Try to find a group to study and go to activities with. Don’t isolate yourself but find a group of people. One of the best things about CBE is that our classes are made-up of about 50 students. Those students have been my study group for four years. Also, get a job on campus to meet new people while making money on the side.