Get to Know Dr. Beth Rundlett

The Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department welcomed Dr. Beth Rundlett to our faculty as an Associate Professor of Practice in 2018.  Before joining the faculty at the University of Iowa, Dr. Rundlett spent the past ten years working in a variety of fields in industry.  She specializes in additive manufacturing (3D printing) and is highly interested in photopolymerization, additive manufacturing, and safety.  Dr. Rundlett received both her B.S.E. and her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa.

We asked Professor Rundlett what drew her to back to Iowa.

“The Chemical Engineering department’s focus on quality instruction along with high excellent research really drew me back to Iowa.  Having graduated from the University of Iowa, I experienced first-hand the ChemE department’s focus on student’s success.  Despite being in a large university setting, the department has a very personal feel and is a supportive environment where collaboration rather than competition is valued.  Due to my industrial experience, I am in a unique position where I can contribute to this exceptional educational environment by helping students make the vital connection between theoretical concepts and their future careers. I am excited to be able to bring these experiences into an academic setting and not only prepare students to enter their careers but to excel in them.”


We are excited to welcome Dr. Rundlett back to Chemical Engineering at Iowa!