Journal of Polymer Science, Part A, Polymer Chemistry Publishes Scholte, Guymon Paper

The Journal of Polymer Science, Part A, Polymer Chemistry, has published a paper on polymer structure and properties by recent PhD graduate Jon Scholte and C. Allan Guymon, Sharon K. Tinker Process Safety Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, departmental executive officer of chemical and biochemical engineering, and co-director of the Photopolymerizaton Center.  The paper was featured as the cover subject.

The paper illustrates that the structure of the building units of polymers are very important in determining final polymer structure and properties. 

"When the reactive groups are placed on the ends of the monomer building blocks, both hard and soft domains are formed which dramatically increases the strength and flexibility of the material," Guymon explained.

The research was supported by the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on the Applications and Fundamentals of Photopolymerizations housed at the University of Iowa and University of Colorado.

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