Stanier Group Secures Shared Access to State-of-the-Art Aerosol Chemistry Instrument

Charles Stanier's research group at the University of Iowa secures shared access to a state-of-the-art aerosol chemistry instrument. With funding by the National Science Foundation Atmospheric Chemistry program, lead institution University of Alabama Huntsville Department of Atmospheric and Earth Science will purchase an Aerodyne Chemical Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (ToF-CIMS) with thermal desorption "FIGAERO" inlet to add particle chemistry capability to the instrument, and LTOF mass resolving power of ~8000.  Scientists from Alabama, University of Iowa, University of Washington, University of Delaware, University of Georgia, and University of Houston will collaborate and share the instrument for laboratory and field studies of atmospheric chemical reactions relevant to human health and climate.  The specific grant title of the $499,000 NSF proposal was "Acquisition of Instrumentation for Real-Time Molecular Level Measurement of Atmospheric Gas- and Particle-Phase Compounds."