Data-Driven Simulation and Remote Sensing

Data-Driven Simulation & Remote Sensing Research

From the molecular scale to the planetary, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineers in our Department are developing sensors, chemical and physical simulations, and frameworks for data-driven simulations in a variety of applications.  Many of our simulations and data assimilation systems rely on the Iowa High Performance Computing Center, a home grown resource with over 10,000 compute nodes. The HPC has over 1 petabyte of total storage and 150+ TB of storage with priority availability to CBE researchers. Our research benefits from the Iowa Informatics Initiative – a multidisciplinary consortium developing big data, artificial intelligence, and other informatics tools.  Our researchers design and use earth-observing atmospheric satellites; simulate and forecast weather and pollution; delve into details of interactions between particles, clouds, chemistry and radiation in the atmospheric. Others simulate of heat transfer and drug mobility in the human body. And other simulate polymer reactions and reactive interfaces for green energy production. We seek ways to elegantly incorporate sensor data into simulations to improve accuracy, data interpretation, and prediction power – a problem classically known as data assimilation.