In the summer proceeding their first semester and during the first semester, incoming engineering students are advised by the Student Development Center staff. In the second semester, those students who have declared a major program are assigned a faculty advisor from that program. Engineering students who remain undeclared after the first semester are advised either by the Associate Dean for Academic Programs or the Student Development Center staff until they declare a major, at which time they are assigned a faculty advisor from their major program. For students who change majors, the Student Development Center assigns them a new faculty advisor from their new major program, matching student and faculty sub-discipline interests where appropriate.

In the Chemical Engineering Program, the primary mission of the advising program is to help you develop and pursue an individualized academic program that will maximize your professional growth and development based upon your career goals. For this reason, advising is done by tenured or tenure-track faculty, and you are required to meet with your advisor each semester to review progress toward your degree, discuss course selections, receive a computer registration number for pre-registration for the upcoming semester, and discuss your overall career goals.

Your academic advisor serves as an important resource by being available to explain the overall Chemical Engineering curriculum, which is laid out as a four-year plan in the section below. Based upon your unique capabilities, constraints, and career plans, your advisor will make curricular recommendations designed to maximize your professional development while you successfully complete the curriculum. Be sure to ask your advisor about the potential role of co-operative educational experiences or study-abroad opportunities in your professional development.

In addition to your academic advisor, you may find the Student Ambassadors to be useful (their office is located in 3124 Seamans Center). Student Ambassadors are available for "pre-advising" before you actually see your academic advisor. You can go to the Student Ambassadors office for curriculum sheets, questions about requirements, etc. Student Ambassadors are junior and senior students in the College of Engineering.