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Decarb 2040 – Positioning Iowa as an energy exporter in the coming era of deep decarbonization

Federal infrastructure and science policies are calling for “moonshot” projects to ensure carbon-free energy infrastructure to combat the anticipated large negative impacts of climate change. Iowa’s abundant wind, bioenergy and solar resources make it a strong player in the emerging green energy...

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Where students become engineers...and something more.

Engineering students at Iowa are smart, interesting people. They are also international travelers, Big Ten athletes, Hawkeye Marching Band members, leaders of student organizations, fraternity and sorority members, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, hospital volunteers, student senators, dance marathoners, intramural competitors, researchers, and more.

More About Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Iowa

Chemical engineers use math and science to solve problems that address the complex needs of today’s society while preserving opportunities and resources for future generations. Making medicines from microbes. Developing sustainable manufacturing and energy solutions. Purifying water. Processing food. Designing biomaterials for improved health. Chemical and biochemical engineers are doing all of these and more.

At Iowa our class sizes are small, which enables close interactions between students and faculty. Our students develop leadership skills, have opportunities for work in industry and research, learn safe practices, and gain a strong foundation in math and science. We are home to world-class research facilities and offer unmatched opportunities to work on projects with Chemical and Biochemical Engineering professors and other professors in Iowa’s top-ranked colleges of Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Public Health.